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Helping event professionals secure the best suppliers

About Us

We have seen the rapid change and growth of suppliers and the need for a platform to guide event professionals.


At EventShare, we understand that event professionals have one shot to get an event right, so the stakes are high. With the vast number of supplier options available today, we know it can be challenging to find the right solution to host your event.

Our mission is to save event professionals time and money and give them the confidence to select the best suppliers for their next event with only a few clicks.

What We Do

EventShare is an online marketplace that matches the needs of event professionals with the best event suppliers. Our services are offered for free to all event professionals. 

Through detailed peer reviews and star ratings of industry-leading suppliers, we provide event professionals with the information necessary to instill confidence that the suppliers they choose will deliver as expected, eliminating the risk of overspending.

We give event professionals the tools to generate a request for proposal, initiate a contract, and set up easy payment solutions—all backed by our gold standard technical support. On our forums, event professionals can communicate directly with other top meeting professionals to discuss best practices and share expertise.

Lets Work Together

Event Success with the Best Event Management Software

Create and Send a Request for Proposal (RFP) to the top 50 Industry-Leading Suppliers

Write a short paragraph telling us about your event challenges and we will find you a solution to address it.

We will send you a gift card if we are unable to find you a solution.

Confident that you know the solution you need, but are too busy to negotiate the best price? 

Submit your request here. We save you money when purchasing.

Chat with other event professionals for industry-leading advice.

Access event professional reviews of suppliers

Want to get early access and product updates?

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